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I don’t care how many times I re blog this, I can relate to this kid. How come people find autism funny to make fun of? Eg “god he’s an autistic piece of crap.” Anyways, this kid describes my life through his speech :,) my friends tend to never speak with me in real life and internet (except a few). And this kid is more has more guts than me for standing up in front like that.

Bless this kid. God bless him.

Do you know how big a deal this is people.
This kiddo has Autism.  Something that really makes it difficult for someone to use their principle functions.  That can and often includes the ability to understand and comprehend Social skills.  It doesn’t matter if your high-functioning, low-functioning, or Aspergic, Social Skills are something we are left without growing up and we have to work our asses off to develop those skills to the point where we can be seen as the same.  It was something that was so important for me to learn that it became my number one priority.  Hell my academic studies often took the back seat to my social studies.  It was important to my because I got teased, I got bullied, I would get picked on because they knew they could rile me up and yank my chain.  They knew they would get a reaction out of me and they didn’t care how it made me feel.  They just wanted to get a laugh at the expense of the weird kid.  I was lucky I had at least 1 friend at each school I went to that would stand up for me and help me whenever this happened.  I worked so I could fit in, so I could make myself less of a target for the people to pick on.  I worked to make myself normal, so I could fit in.
Now think about how absolutely TERRIFYING it is for him to be able to stand up in the middle of his PE class and actually talk about what he’s feeling, and how other people are making him feel.  You hear those ‘likes’ he’s sputtering out?  That’s his mouth trying to keep up with every little thing that is racing through his mind right now, and let me tell you, we kids who have Autism and Aspergers our minds work considerably faster than the average person’s.  This kid is struggling to say what he’s feeling, and he’s struggling hard, but he’s still pushing forward, he’s going to say what he’s feeling and he does.  AND THAT IS MOTHERFUCKING AMAZING.  I never had that courage myself when I was growing up, I was scared, I was afraid I’d be signaled out, I felt it’d just signal me out even more than I already was.  So all I did was listen to the adults and just ‘ignored’ the kids who were bullying me.  And in hindsight, I wish I could have gone back and stood up for myself.
What makes me really mad though, is those kids who just sat there laughing.  FUCK. THOSE. BRATS.  I can tell you with a good deal of certainty that those are the little shits this kid has to deal with.  And he knows it too!  He acknowledges the fact that those kids are laughing at him, and I can see that anger and frustration that is seated in him, I can see that hurt in his eyes when he says “I see you laughing.”  And in my case if I had done what this kid did at that age I would have gone over, and I would have started getting really agitated and running my mouth, but this kid doesn’t, he keeps calm and doesn’t lash out at them and I respect him for that a lot.
This is why it bugs me so often when people on the internet use autism and aspergers as the butt of a joke or as an insult, hell I don’t even know what it’s fucking connotations as an insult are!!  But it’s fucking god damn infuriating!  This kid has Autism, but you’re only seeing the Autism, you aren’t seeing him.  You aren’t understanding that beyond that label is a kid just as unique and varied as any one of your normal friends.
I don’t like writing huge walls of text, but in this case I’m tired of seeing post after post about kids with Autism getting bullied or not getting the help and support they need.  I’m finally giving my two cents on this topic and I’m giving every bit of worth those two cents have.  I’m tired of seeing this bullying go unchecked, I’m tired of people not seeing kids with autism and needing support and help, rather than time outs and detentions.  I’m tired of people throwing the word Autistic around on the internet as some piece of unjustified fucking slander.  I’m tired of having to remind myself that my Asperger’s isn’t something to be ashamed of.
Sure, we kids with Autism and Aspergers don’t have the best social skills or control over our emotions.  When we get angry we burn our anger really intensely, like a fucking magnesium burn.  There’s a reason they’re called meltdowns.  But these are skills we can learn, these are things we can develop when we’re given the proper help and support.  You know what else?  We kids with Autism and Aspergers are really god damn fucking smart!  My own IQ is 124!  I’m bordering on the upper percentile of the Above Average grade!  But the years of teasing and bullying has left me with the shittiest self-esteem that I barely even believe that I am smart!  This is what happens when we get bullied and teased incessantly while we grow up, and I am sick to death of it, because I’m in college and I haven’t even escaped this shit on the GODDAMNED INTERNET.  I don’t want any other kid to have to go through this.  I don’t want to have any other kid make an excuse to go to the bathroom so he can run and hide in the library and cry! I don’t want any other kid to get beat up on the playground just because he wants to play by himself.  When I’m a father, I will not fucking tolerate this shit from any other kid.  I will stand up for my children when they’re too scared to do so themselves, I will protect them from the kind of shit that has made me feel worthless and retarded.
So watch this video, and understand just how fucking important it really is, and how brave this kid was.
mydogsnokes: There are some automatic toilets that need 2 chill the fuck out (via begitalarcos)


There are some automatic toilets that need 2 chill the fuck out

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recover-together: In case nobody told you today, you are good enough. (via begitalarcos)


In case nobody told you today, you are good enough.

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Shopping for clothes when you have big boobs is normally really annoying esp when you like drapey things or want something that cinches at the waist cause you always get stuff like this


when the hell did this get over a thousand notes

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Guaranteed basic income to every citizen, whether or not they are employed to ensure their survival and that they live in a dignified, humane way, preventing poverty, illness, homelessness, reducing crime, encouraging higher education and learning vocations as well as helping society become more prosperous as a whole. 

Wow. Forget raising the minimum wage. This is much much better idea.
The minimum wage could actually drop if we had basic income.
But Americans would never go for it. Miserably slogging through 12 hour days and having businesses open 24/7 is too engrained in our culture.

"BUT WHERE WILL THE GOVERNMENT GET THE MONEY?" screamed Joe Schmoe, slamming a meaty fist onto the table and getting mouth-froth all over the front of his greying tank top. "You libt*rds all think money grows on TREES!! HAHA!""But where will people get the incentive to work?!" Mindy Bindy cried, flapping her hands in front of her face. She’d had a fear of the unemployed lollygagging about ever since she was a child and her mother told her to be afraid of the unemployed lollygagging about. "You think people should get paid for nothing? I work hard for my money!”
"But who will serve me?" grumbled Marty McMoneybags. "Who will make me feel important? Who will do my laundry and cook my food and stand in front of me wearing a plastic smile while I take out all my stress—because I do have a lot of stress, you know, being this rich is stressful—on them?” He paused and straightened out the piles of hundred dollar bills on the desk in front of him, then raised his two watery, outraged eyes up to the Heavens. “Lord, if there are no poor people, how will I know that I’m rich??”

I laughed. This is perfect! Well said!

The thing is, while I’m sure you could scrape up a few people who’d be willing to just float by on a guaranteed minimum income? For most people the choice to work would be a no-brainer. “Hmmm. I can get by on 33k a year, or I can take that part time job and make 48k… enough to move to a better apartment, maybe take the family on vacation. Sold.” Hell, most people would want to work simply because it gives one a sense of dignity and something to do with one’s time. (Speaking as someone who’s been unemployed, on extended sick leave, etc. in her time, the boredom and sense of isolation that comes with not having a job is almost as bad as the humiliation of having to depend on other people for one’s survival.)
And with this system, part-time jobs and “non-skilled” jobs would be much more readily available because nobody would need to work two or three jobs just to stay afloat!
Which would ALSO mean that employers and customers couldn’t shamelessly exploit employees the way they can today, because if losing a job weren’t necessarily a financial disaster, more people would be willing to walk out on jobs where they weren’t being treated with dignity.
And if this also applies to students (and it should) then student loans would become much less of a problem, and fewer people would flunk out of school because of having to juggle studies and work.
Far fewer people would be forced to stay with abusive partners, parents or roommates because they couldn’t afford to move out.
And the thing is, all those people who suddenly had money? They’d be spending it. They’d be getting all the stuff they can’t afford now - new clothes, books, toys, locally-produced food, car repairs - and with each purchase money would flow BACK to the government, because VAT, also income tax.
The unemployed and/or disabled wouldn’t need special support any more - which would also mean the government could fire however many admins who are currently engaged in humiliating - *cough* making sure those people aren’t getting money they don’t deserve. Same for medical benefits and pensions. And I’m no legal scholar, but I somehow imagine less financial desperation would lead to less petty crime, and hence less need for police and security everywhere?
TL;DR Doomie thinks this is a good idea, laughs at those who protest.

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They tried something like this out in Canada as a sort of social experiment, called Mincome. What they found was that, on the whole, people continued to work about as much as they did before. Only new mothers and teenagers worked substantially less hours. 
But wait, there’s more. Because parents were spending just a little more time at home and involved with their families, test scores increased. Because teens didn’t have to work to support their families, drop-out rates decreased. Crime rates, hospital visits, psychiatric hospitalizations and domestic abuse rates all dropped, as well. More adults pursued higher education. Those who continued to work reported more job flexibility and more opportunity to choose employment they preferred.
Basically, now you can go prove to your asshole family members that society won’t collapse without poor people for you to feel better than.

The picture is awesome, but read the commentary, that’s what I’m reblogging for.
Okay quick survey. Reblog this if you would see a Young Avengers movie (Source: gosh-i-love-a-r-r-0-w-s)

Okay quick survey. Reblog this if you would see a Young Avengers movie


"If you watch ‘Undercover Blues’ it’s a glimpse into what Clintasha with a baby would be like. They even mentioned ‘budapest’.”Want to confess? Click here!